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LiftOff UrineClean (Concentrate) Starter Kit – UrineClean Emergency Cleanup Powder



500 ml LiftOff UrineClean Concentrate plus 500ml trigger spray bottle

Just add water and make up the amount required. Makes up to 5 litres of ready to use spray

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Liftoff UrineClean is a biological urine stain and odour concentrate developed for general, household and commercial use.  It has 9 urine and uric acid specific micro-organisms that breakup, digest and eat urine, urea, uric acid crystals and associated products.

Liftoff UrineClean is a Concentrate. The micro-organisms in the LiftOff UrineClean concentrate are dormant until they are activated by dilution with water.

Once diluted and sprayed on the new and old urine spillages and messes the bacteria breed and produce enzymes that digest and consume the urine, urea and uric acid crystals until it is all gone. It gets urine off almost all surfaces leaving them urine free. In colloquial terms, it gets the wee off the treated surface and leaves it wee free.

Liftoff UrineClean works on all types of surfaces including carpets, timber floors, lino floors, fabrics, lounges and sofas, sheets and bedding, mattresses, cement and concrete floors, tiled floors and grout, artificial lawn and turf, kennels and stables.

We produce and ship Liftoff UrineClean in concentrated form to minimise product costs, shipping costs, storage space and environmental consequences.  Why incur the cost of shipping water when our clients have water at their homes and sites?

1 litre of LiftOff UrineClean Concentrate can be diluted to produce upto 20 Litres of Ready to use UrineClean.

Dilution Ratios

Severe spills, odours or staining                               use 1:2 with water
Aged spills, odours or staining                                    use 1:2 with water
Light or new spills, odours and staining                  use 1:5 with water
Mop and brush application                                       use 1:10 with water
General maintenance                                                 use 1:20 with water

Best to use diluted product within 72 hours.  Any remaining product can be used to clear drains in kitchen, bathrooms and toilets.

Directions for Use

  • Remove any excess urine.
  • Saturate the damp area with diluted LiftOff UrineClean Concentrate by spraying or swabbing.
  • Leave the LiftOff UrineClean to work for a few minutes before wiping away any excess.
  • The longer it is left, the better it will work.

Do not rinse, allow to dry slowly.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 30 cm


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