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Biological Stain and Odour Removal

Biological stain and odour removal use micro-organisms ( bacteria and enzymes ) to breakdown, digest and eat organic waste and spills such as urine, baby soiling, pet soiling, dairy products, blood, vomit, fruit juices, fats, cooking oils, wine and most soft drinks.

The process of breaking down the waste or spillage removes stains & odours caused by the waste or spillage.

It is commonly referred to as Bio-remediation or Bacterial digestion.

The bacteria and enzymes can be formulated to be waste specific or general and are contained in products known as Biological Stain and Odour Removers or Biological Cleaners or Bio Cleaners.

What is Bio-remediation or Bacterial Digestion?

Bio-remediation or bacterial digestion is the process of micro- organisms such as bacteria and enzymes they produce digesting, breaking down and consuming organic matter which is a waste product.

The bacteria feed on the organic waste, deriving nutrition for growth and reproduction. Using complex chemical reaction, the organic waste is metabolized down to water and carbon dioxide, providing the bacteria with energy to sustain their life.

The end result of this process is that the organic waste is digested (eaten up) and is no longer present to produce odour, unsightly soiling or stains.

Biological Stain and Odour Removers (Biological Cleaners)

Biological Stain and Odour Removers are natural, safe, non toxic and good for the environment. Applied correctly they produce extraordinary results and high level of customer satisfaction.

They can be formulated specifically or generally to dispose of wastes products and soils safely, economically and rapidly.

They should contain the necessary quality and quantity of selective and specific bacteria, specific enzyme systems and microbial nutrients to attack and consume the waste product they are designed to remove.

Well designed Biological cleaners work quickly and efficiently to digest chemical and organic waste with no odour or noxious gas being released.

These bacteria and enzymes break apart the waste and the bacteria itself converts this waste into two basic compounds: carbon dioxide and water.

What is the Difference between Concentrate and Ready to Use Biological Cleaners

What is Difference between Bacteria Based and Enzyme Based Cleaners


What is an enzyme and how does it aid in digestion by the bacteria?

An enzyme is a chemical catalyst that breaks up long, complex waste molecules into smaller, simpler pieces. The smaller, broken up pieces can then be digested directly by the bacteria.

Enzymes are not living things. They cannot grow or reproduce themselves. They are chemicals that are manufactured and used by bacteria in order to digest waste. When added to the organic waste, enzymes immediately go to work breaking down the waste. The bacteria are then able to consume these fragments immediately, so they now have a plentiful supply of prepared food waiting for them. The growing bacteria then start to reproduce and generate their own enzymes, keeping the cycle going.

A microorganism’s genetic code is like a computer program which allows it to produce enzymes. These microorganisms are capable of determining what organic soils are present in an environment. If their computer program allows, they can produce specific enzymes to break down those organics. It is important to have quality microorganisms with codes for a wide range of capabilities.

Products with the right microorganism can degrade materials that cause soils to adhere making surfactants more effective in removing them. Once surfactants have done their work and

the surface is wiped/mopped the residual microorganisms remain to provide deep, residual cleaning as long as conditions such as moisture and food source allow them to be active.

Why Use Biological and Bio-enzymatic Removers & Cleaners

There are four main reasons for using Biological Cleaners and Odour Remover products:

1) Biological Cleaners are safer for the environment and safer for human health than traditional chemical cleaners and odour control products
2) Biological Cleaners use highly specialized enzyme producing microorganisms to clean and control odours by eliminating the soils that traditional chemical products alone cannot treat.
3) Biological Cleaners provide residual cleaning up to 80 hours after application
4) Biological Cleaners help to displace unknown, potentially “pathogenic” (disease causing) bacteria with known, healthy microorganisms and in this way contribute to better human health