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It’s true. You’re pretty darn important to us so we want to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For starters, we’ve put together a whole bunch of answers to questions you might have, on any of the following items all in one place, on our FAQs page.   Click on link to go to Item.

· NoFlush BioSleeves

· NoFlush BioClean

· Fixing Urine Odours and Smells

· Why Urinals Smell

· MSDS forms

· Cleaner Instructions

· How to use

· Information Downloads

· LiftOff Urine Clean Pets

· LiftOff Urine Clean People

· LiftOff Organic

· LiftOff UrineClean (Ready to use)

· LiftOff Universal (Ready To use)

· Liftoff Emergency Clean-up Powder

· LiftOff Biological Drain Cleaner

If we haven’t covered what you’re looking for in the FAQs, our customer service specialists are available from 10am – 5 pm (WST), Monday – Friday, to answer all of your questions via our Online Chat service .

The best way to get in contact is via Online Chat, simply type in what you need in the lower left hand side corner and someone will be there to answer you right on the spot.

If you prefer to speak with someone over the phone call the toll free number; 1300 NoFlush  and a nice, well informed person will be there to greet you on the other end.

Or send an email to  or fill in the Email Us form below if you want to attach photos.

If your inquiry is press related – feel free to reach out to and someone will get back to you in a flash, courtesy of the internet.

NoFlush Urinal Solutions welcomes and encourages all clients to contact us at any time if you require advice or guidance on our :

  • NoFlush biological products;
  • NoFlush Urinal systems and equipment;
  • Water management systems and timers,
  • LiftOff products and their use;
  • Any other questions, queries, observations or comments.

To purchase NoFlush products or equipment or Liftoff products   please click  Shop Online

To book a service call please click  Book A Service Call


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LiftOff UrineClean C/-NoFlush Urinal Solutions Pty Ltd

Tel: 1300 NoFlush

Tel: 08 9386 2366

Fax  08 9386 2300


Suite 15, 18 Stirling HWY Nedlands WA 6009

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