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20 Litre LiftOff UrineClean Restock


For pets and people

Both environmentally and economically friendly.

Allows you to refill either the  500ml or 750ml trigger spray bottles.

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LiftOff UrineClean is a high quality, high performing natural bio-enzymatic urine odour and stain eliminator, digester and cleaner designed for people and all pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, chooks and mice.

LiftOff UrineClean effectively eliminates urine smells and stains caused by either people or pets. The micro-organisms and enzymes it contains breaks down and digests both new and old urine stains and odours and kills germs. It leaves treated areas urine free.

LiftOff  UrineClean can be sprayed  directly onto urine, where urination has occurred.

LiftOff  UrineClean gentle formulation means it can be sprayed onto carpets, furnishings, bedding, lounges, sofas, fabrics, curtains, timber floors, tiled floors, concrete and artificial lawns and turf for instant urine odour elimination. It gets get urine off almost all surfaces leaving them urine free. In colloquial terms, it gets the wee off the treated surface and leaves it wee free.

LiftOff UrineClean can be sprayed directly into and onto litter boxes or trays, kennels and cages, for effective instant odour elimination and biological break down of urine.

Specially formulated for human and pet use, LiftOff UrineClean is non toxic and totally safe for people, pets, users. It is non corrosive, environmentally friendly and bio degradable.

LiftOff UrineClean is bio-enzymatic containing both micro-organisms and enzymes which combine together to break down, digest and consume urine, urea, uric acid and associated products that produce urine odours and stains.

Directions for Use:

  • Mop up any excess fluid
  • Shake before use
  • Test for colour fastness in discrete area
  • Spray undiluted onto areas where urination, urine dribbles or spills have occurred
  • Spray sufficient to saturate the area
  • Allow to air dry for best results.
  • If not possible, leave it for 10 minutes then remove any excess liquid.
  • For old stains and odours dampen area with water, saturate with UrineClean and allow to air dry. Really old stains and odours may require multiple treatments.
  • Spray on kitty litter trays, dog kennels, bird cages to remove odours
  • Spray on pet’s body for instant odour elimination
  • Store in cold, dry place and away from direct sun light.

LiftOff  UrineClean works biologically and  maybe adversely affected by chemical cleaners, bleaches, acids and disinfectants and hot water.

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 35 cm


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