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UrineClean uses the natural biological processes of Bio-Remediation and Bacterial Digestion to breakdown and digest organic waste substances such a urine, urochrome, urea and uric acid crystals which cause urine stains, smells and odour.

What are Bio-remediation and Bacterial Digestion?

Bio-remediation is the use of introduced microorganisms (bacteria) to consume, neutralize, break down and remove pollutants; in order to clean urine contaminated areas or sites, in the home, school or workplace; such as carpet, tiles and wooden floors; walls or bedding, lounges, sofas and curtains.

According to the EPA, Bio-remediation is a “treatment that uses naturally occurring bacteria and microorganisms to break down waste and hazardous substances into harmless non toxic substances.”

Bacterial digestion is the process of bacteria consuming organic matter such as urine and associated products.  The bacteria feed on the organic waste deriving nutrition for growth and reproduction. The urine is broken down to basic compound such water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen, providing the bacteria with energy to sustain their life.

UrineClean contains 9 urine and uric acid specific bacteria making it a very specific purpose urine stain and odour digester and remover.   It gets the urine off (wee off) all surfaces and leaving them urine free.

The fantastic end result of this process is the urine, uric acid crystals, urochrome and urea are  consumed and used up by the bacteria in UrineClean and are no longer present to produce stains, odour pollution and smells or unsightly contaminants. The surfaces are urine free.

Is LiftOff UrineClean Natural, Biological and Organic ?

Yes, UrineClean is natural biological organic stain and odour digester and remover.  The nine (9) strains of microorganisms (bacteria) it contains are specifically selected to consume and remove urine and its associated substances.

It is safe to use for all urine spills, spraying  and incontinence accidents caused by pets, babies, children, teenage boys, women and men in the home, schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, hospitals, kennels, buses, airplanes, ferries, offices and outside on artificial grasses and turf.

Our clients and customers have been successfully using UrineClean it since 2006 in commercial and institutional situations and since 2011 in residential and domestic situations.

UrineClean gets urine off or the wee off all surfaces and leaving them urine free.