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Cats as well as many other pets are renowned for “marking their territory”. This innate behavior and their heightened sense of smell draws them back to a frequented spot as urine and its residual products have not been completely eradicated in the cleaning process.

UrineClean is natural biological organic stain and odour digester and remover, that keeps working “eating the waste products” until all the urine and its residual products have been digested and removed. The beneficial bacteria literally eat the urine and the compounds it contains.

Once the residual smell is gone the marking tends to stop as the ownership marker is gone.

An added problem is that in comparison to dogs, cat urine is extremely high in concentration and more  intense in  yellow colour as a result of their physiology.

Urine is composed of three compounds specifically Urea, Urochrome and Uric Acid.

General cleaners may remove the first two components (urea and urochrome)  “masking” the smell of urine temporarily with a perfume or deodoriser, however the Uric Acid, containing non-soluble crystals ,remains and is etched into surfaces. Re-activation of the Uric Acid crystals occurs with humidity or other forms of moisture and the urine smell returns day after day.

LiftOff UrineClean has been specifically formulated to break down and digest these Uric Acid crystals as well as the Urea and Urochrome.  UrineClean contains 9 urine and uric acid specific bacteria making it a very specific purpose urine stain and odour digester and remover.   It gets the urine off (wee off) all surfaces and leaving them urine free.

The power of these specific beneficial bacteria and the natural enzymes they produce work deep down in your carpet, timber floors, tile grout, bedding, sofas  and furniture cushions;  digesting and consuming , “eating”  this odour causing waste and eliminating the source of the stains, odours and smells.  All without dangerous synthetic chemicals!

The urine is broken down to basic compound such water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen, providing the bacteria with energy to sustain their life.