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About LiftOff

LiftOff UrineClean

LiftOff UrineClean (CONCENTRATE)

Liftoff Organic Stain and Odour Remover

LiftOff Organic Stain and Odour Remover (CONCENTRATE)

LiftOff Emergency Clean-up Powder

LiftOff Biological Drain Treatment

LiftOff UrineClean Starter Pack

LiftOff Organic Starter Pack

UrineClean Urine Detector

 Ultimate Quality

NoFlush BioSleeves, NoFlush BioClean, NoFlush BioMates and NoFlush BioBlocks  all contain 9 strains of uric acid and urine specific bacteria that produce enzymes and digest the uric acid, urine and associated products converting these into oxygen, water, nitrogen and carbon. The process is known as bio-remediation.

Our concentrated biological products are made in England. Our testing to date has not found a concentrated Australian or American product that matches the efficiency and effectiveness of the concentrated NoFlush Biological products.

Our Ready to Use biological products, UrineClean ( Ready to Use) and Liftoff Organic ( Ready to use) Stain and Odour Remover,  are made to our specifications in Australia and testing todate indicates they are superior to most other ready to use biological products in the market.

Money Back Guarantee

NoFlush Urinal Solutions fixes smelly urinal problems every day for schools and businesses.  We are that confident in our solutions and technology, we offer a Money Back Guarantee if We Don’t Solve Your Smelly Urinal Problems 


All NoFlush Equipment and Installations are backed by a 12 months parts and labour warranty

About LiftOff


LiftOff UrineClean and Liftoff Organic – Biological Stain and Odour Cleaners

Liftoff UrineClean and Liftoff Organic are biological stain and odour removers and digesters specifically developed as a result of consumer demand for natural, safe and environmentally safe odour and stain removers that produce extraordinary results.

Both products are available as either READY to USE or CONCENTRATE  .

Product Development

The product development process for the LiftOff range of biological products and UrineClean started 3 years ago when one of our staff had a puppy explosion with 11 puppies born within 2 days. The urine spills and other messes left her with a smelly house hold.  She asked if our NoFlush BioClean – urine stain and odour remover for urinals and toilet floors would work at her house on the carpets and wooden floors as well as on her outdoor paved areas?

She tried it and the answer was YES, YES and YES.  The biological stain and odour remover worked very well on both old urine stains and odours and on new urine stains and other puppy messes.

The word quickly spread among her other fellow dog breeders and we developed a small ongoing market demand.

NoFlush BioClean is coloured blue to for commercial reasons and we were concerned about using it on some on colour fast fabrics and carpets.  So we developed LiftOff UrineClean ( CONCENTRATE ) which is clear and all testing to date indicates that it does not affect fabrics and carpets.

Development of LiftOff UrineClean (Ready to Use), LiftOff Organic Stain and Odour Remover (CONCENTRATE) and LiftOff Organic Stain and Odour Remover (Ready to Use)

During consumer testing of LiftOff UrineClean two questions commonly asked were:

  1. Can you make a Ready to Use LiftOff  UrineClean that gets urine off all surface leaving them urine free ?
  2. Can you make an all purpose Biological Stain and Odour Remover that will clean up other organic spills such as vomit, baby soiling, blood, pet soiling, fruit juices, soft drinks, wine, dairy products, fats and cooking oils and urine?

Back to the lab we went and 3 months later we had developed and tested 3 outstanding biological stain and odour removers:

  1. LiftOff UrineClean (Ready to Use)
  2. LiftOff Organic all purpose organic stain and odour remover (CONCENTRATE)
  3. LiftOff Organic  all purpose organic stain and odour remover (Ready to Use)